Penny Stocks List, List Of All Penny Stocks

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Looking for a Penny Stocks List?

Is there a more exciting niche in the world of  investment than penny stocks?  I mean really….you buy a penny stock for say 1 cents, hold the stock for a few days, the price goes to 2 cents and you have just made a hundred percent return. Certainly, making big gains comes from picking the right stock.  The question is “where can I find a penny stocks list?”

The super news is that I have located an awesome tool online where you can get a list of all penny stocks 1000’s of penny stocks. Some investors consider a penny stock to be priced under $1.00 while others feel anything under $5.00 could be considered a penny stock. How many penny stocks show up on your list will depend on what max price you search for.

Here’s how you can get your penny stocks list. First, go to Click on the “Investing”  menu button and then go to “Stocks”. From there look for the Research Tool. You will find a link for “Stock Screener”. At the next window click on “Launch HTML Screener” and there you go.

Check out the page carefully.  This is an amazing tool for many reasons.  You can filter for a specific industry, such as the retail industry or just select “All Industries” for a complete list of all penny stocks. To get penny stocks only  you need to set the share price minimum to “any” and the maximum price to$5 or below. click on  “find stocks” at the bottom of the page and there you go…a penny stocks list.



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